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2016 FOFD Achievements & Strategic Plan 2016 (see DOWNLOADS at bottom of page)


2015 FOFD Achievements 


2013     Awarded the NT Qantas Innovative Community Group Landcare Award

2014    Received a High Commendation Certificate at the National Landcare Community Group Award


In 2014 Friends of Fogg Dam:

• featured in BBC TV series of Coast Australia, ‘Darwin and Beyond’ segment on January 13.
• Successfully trialled a Truxor weed harvester on loan from Palmerston Council in February.
• Revised FOFD website and managed facebook page.
• Gave a presentation about the Humpty Doo Rice Trail at Taminmin Community Library on 19 March.
• Guided a field tour of the Humpty Doo Rice Trail on behalf of National Trust for Heritage Week.
• Gave a presentation about the use of GIS mapping at Fogg Dam to a Territory Natural Resource Management Forum on 13 June.
• Purchased a Weed Harvester with funding from Parks & Wildlife, a grant of $5,000 from Bendigo Bank, Coolalinga & Districts Community Bank, and FOFD funds, to clear excess vegetation in Fogg Dam.   A Charles Darwin University (CDU) study in 2010 concluded that the dam would be completely closed by 2021, if not sooner unless there was an on-going disturbance regime to reduce the vegetation biomass.    CDU provide training for operators of the harvester.
• Gained excellent community support to help ready the weed harvester for work:
o Adelaide River Parks Joint Management Committee supported and endorsed purchase of the harvester.
o Shorelands Group transported the harvester to their marine base for minor repairs and then to Fogg Dam for launching using a prime movers and two cranes
o Norsign provided logos of all the sponsors to be attached to the harvester.
o Shade & Play donated a cover to protect the operator from the sun.
o In & Outboard Marine gave a seat for the operator.
o Top End Windscreens & Tinting provided a front screen to protect the operator from flying debris.
o ITS Communications installed a UHF radio programmed to Parks frequencies.
o Outback Batteries provided a solar panel to recharge the batteries.
o NTAP supplied synthetic nylon blocks for effective action of the front cutters.
o Complete Vision photographed the weed harvester with its drone.
o Dudley Design prepared a video of the photography including acknowledgement of sponsors.
• Provided Certificates of Appreciation to all sponsors.
• Gave a presentation about FOFD to CDU Certificate 3 Land Management students in September.
• was interviewed by Julian Rush of BBC radio for a program ‘Costing the Earth.’
• Created a Google + page for Foggdam Friends.
• Awarded Honorary Membership to Victorian artist, Rosemary Kidd who donated posters plus two unique bird pictures to be used exclusively by Friends of Fogg Dam for fund raising.
• Assisted Parks conduct a visitor survey in July.
• Participated in a Q&A panel at the National Landcare Forum in September.
• Received a High Commendation Certificate at the National Landcare Awards in September.

• With a $10,000 EnvironmeNT grant worked with Parks & Wildlife to reduce Olive hymenachne infestation in the dam.
• Obtained a $4,000 grant from Territory Natural Resource Management to continue the reduction of Olive hymenachne at Fogg Dam.
• Produced and distributed 3 Newsletters.
• Volunteered 83 hours at working bees at Fogg Dam: weeding by: hand pulling, spraying weeds with knap sack, quad bike, 4x4, airboat and helicopter; mowing; clearing paths and boardwalks; applying preservative & replacing boards in viewing platforms; fencing; pruning, cleaning interpretive signs, and chopping fallen trees.
• Obtained 48 hours weeding assistance from Conservation Volunteers of Australia – through FOFD participation in the Corridors of Green project which concluded in June.
We are grateful and wish to acknowledge the support we have received from:
• Sponsors listed above
• Fogg Dam Parks & Wildlife for providing advice and provisions for BBQs at working bees
• our local member, Kezia Purick, for her interest and allowing us to use her community room for meetings.
• Peter Walker of Imagineer Graphic & Website Design for the provision and hosting of our website
• All of our members and supporters.


In 2013 Friends of Fogg Dam:

  • was Awarded the NT Qantas Innovative Community Group Landcare Award.
  • with NT Heritage grant funding Friends of Fogg Dam:

Revised the online booklet of the Humpty Doo Rice Trail.

Created: a website  ; brochure; pamphlet; audio and Driver’s Guide downloadable to computers, smartphones and tablets; designed and installed signs.   These guide people on a historic journey from Darwin to the Adelaide River identifying locations and relics of the Humpty Doo Rice Project along the way.

Officially launched the Humpty Doo Rice Trail at Tourism Top End with approximately 120 people attending.

  • obtained an EnvironmeNT Grant of $10,000 to continue working with Parks & Wildlife to control Olive Hymenachne, a weed of national significance in the dam.
  • submitted comments on Draft Joint Management Plan for Adelaide River Parks.
  • participated as a partner in the Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA) 3 year project, “Connecting Corridors of Green.”
  • volunteered 566 hours at working bees.

In 2013 Friends of Fogg Dam:

  • with a $5,000 grant from the NT Government, held a Field Day at Fogg Dam on 29 April.  Visitors welcomed by Traditional Owner Joan Kenyon and Kezia Purick, Member for Goyder.  Events included talks, guided walks, children’s activities,  art display by Middle Point School and stalls of environment groups. Over 525 people attended and feedback evaluation was very positive.
  • participated in a partnership of seven Landcare Groups coordinated by Conservation Volunteers Australia, ‘Connecting corridors of green’ which was successful in gaining Australian Government Biodiversity Funding for 3 years to protect, extend and reinforce vegetation communities and manage threats to the region’s biodiversity by reducing the extent of invasive species, managing wildfires, re-vegetating key sites and building capacity through training and education.
  • with EnvironmeNT grant, continued working with Parks to control Olive Hymenachne in the Fogg Dam catchment area – a huge task involving mapping, spraying by quad bikes, air boats and helicopter and burning.
  • volunteered 497 hours for working bees.

In 2012 Friends of Fogg Dam:

  • commenced a Newsletter which has had positive feedback.
  • with $4,700.00 funding from NT Natural Resource Management Board, Caring for Country Community Grant, worked with Parks & Wildlife to control Olive Hymenachne at Fogg Dam and its catchment area.
  • successfully applied for three grants which carry through to 2012:
  •     NT Heritage Grant of $10,000 for the Humpty Doo Rice Trail – to design a Rice Trail logo, prepare a leaflet about the       project with a map showing key locations plus downloadable audiofiles.
  •     NT EnvironmeNT grant of $5,000 to organise a Field Day in 2012.
  •     NT EnvironmeNT grant of $8,000 to control Olive Hymenachne in the Fogg Dam catchment area.

In 2011 Friends of Fogg Dam:

  • with an EnvironmeNT Grant, held a successful Field Day on 11 April with activities for the whole family with talks about the area, conservation issues, art and photography, walks with experts to discover birds, butterflies, plants and bush tucker plus children’s activities.  Traditional Owners welcomed visitors and the new Monsoon Forest Boardwalk was officially opened by the Hon. Karl Hampton, MLA.  Over 650 people attended and feedback was very positive.
  • obtained a $4,700.00 grant from the NT Natural Resource Management Board, Caring for Country Community Grant to work with Parks to control Olive Hymenachne within the Fogg Dam catchment area.

In 2009 Friends of Fogg Dam:

  • with $3,000 funding from an Australia Post/Landcare grant, purchased tools for use at working bees, occupational health and safety equipment and developed an Interpretive Shelter of 5 signs about Fogg Dam on Anzac Parade
  • with a $3,000.00 grant from Telstra Shop Darwin & Telstra Business Centre NT, purchased, installed, painted a container to store tools in and equipped with filing cabinet, and shelving.
  • officially opened the Interpretive Shelter on Anzac Parade by the Minister for the Environment, the Hon. Alison Anderson in partnership with the Traditional Owners and Middle Point Primary School.   The Traditional Owners performed a corroboree and school students gave a presentation about the history of Fogg Dam.
  • successfully applied for two grant applications:
  •      EnvironmenNT Grant of $5,150 towards a Field Day in April 2010
  •      EnvironmeNT Heritage Grant of $5,000 to prepare a booklet on the Humpty Doo Rice Project and a downloadable leaflet identifying a trail of places and equipment on the trail

In 2008 Friends of Fogg Dam:

  • held a Field Day at Fogg Dam on 21 September which was attended by over 400 people, including the NT Minister for the Environment.  Visitors welcomed to country by the Traditional Owners.  The program had a variety of activities: bird, butterfly, plant walks; talks about research at Fogg Dam by three different universities; workshops on drawing and photographing wildlife; and lots of children’s activities.
  • rigously lobbied the NT Government (letters, hosting Ministers at Fogg Dam, presenting them with a Fogg Dam portfolio, petition to Parliament House, letter to newspaper editor, talkback on ABC radio) to rebuild the Monsoon Forest Boardwalk.
  • obtained commitment from NT Government to rebuild the Monsoon Forest Boardwalk in late 2008 – at a cost of $1.25M.
  • obtained an Australia Post/Landcare grant for $3,000.00 to purchase equipment for working bees and put signage about Fogg Dam on Anzac Parade.
  • applied to Telstra Shop Darwin and Telstra Business Centre NT for a grant to purchase a shed/container to store equipment.
  • obtained and/or developed mammal, butterfly, plant reptile and amphibian lists to add to the bird, frog and snake lists for Fogg Dam
  • submitted comments to NT Parks & Wildlife Management Plan of Adelaide River Parks.

In 2007 Friends of Fogg Dam:

  • developed purpose and objectives, logo and a website
  • developed bird, frog and snake lists for Fogg Dam
  • provided written support Parks and Wildlife submission for funding to replace the damaged Monsoon Forest Boardwalk
  • became incorporated.
  • developed a 5 year business plan for annual review.
  • prepared a sign to welcome visitors and inform them of Friends of Fogg Dam in conjunction with Parks & Wildlife.

                       Friends of Fogg Dam became established following a community meeting at the dam in October 2006.

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