Mammal List

Mammal List

Latin Name Species Name

Tachyglossus aculeatus

Dasyurus hallucatus

Isoodon macrourus

Trichosurus arnhemensis

Macropus agilis

Macropus antilopinus

Macroglossus minimus

Pteropus alecto

Pteropus scapulatus

Chaerophon jobensis

Chalinolbus nigrogriseus

Nyctophilus walken

Pipistrellus tenuis

Hydromys chrysogaster

Mus musculus

Rattus colletti

Rattus tunneyi

Canis familaris

Felis catus

Equus caballus

Bos Taurus

Bubalus bubalis

Sus scrofa

Short-beaked Echidna

Northern Quoll ??

Northern Brown Bandicoot

Northern Brushtail Possum

Agile Wallaby

Antilopine Wallaroo

Northern Blossom-bat

Black Flying-fox

Little Red Flying-fox

Northern Mastiff-bat

Hoary Bat

Pygmy Long-eared Bat

Timor Pipistrelle

Water Rat

House mouse

Dusky Rat

Pale Field-rat

Dog, Dingo

Feral Cat

Feral Horse

Feral European Cattle

Water Buffalo

Feral Pig


Source:  Clouston.  Fogg Dam Landscape Masterplan prepared for Conservation Commission Northern Territory 1990.  Appendix A.
Verified by Dr Ben Phillips, Sydney University, July 2007.

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