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Friends of Fogg Dam

Friends of Fogg Dam began from a community meeting in October 2006 and the group became an incorporated body in 2007.  Our vision is to put Fogg Dam on the map and in the hearts and minds of people.


To protect and enhance the Fogg Dam Conservation Reserve and wetlands as a place with a diverse, secure and healthy natural environment cared for and appreciated by all.


  1. Protect and enhance the natural environment and biodiversity of the Fogg Dam Conservation reserve and wetlands.
  2. Provide information abut the natural environment and biodiversity of the Fogg Dam Conservation reserve and wetlands.
  3. Encourage community involvement and provide input into the Parks and Wildlife Management Plan for Fogg Dam Conservation Reserve and wetlands.


Anyone who supports our vision, purpose and strategies is welcome to join.   We welcome the opportunity to utilise skills of members when this is possible.  Membership can be as active or passive as members wish.  Active involvement can include: helping at working bees; contributing to FOFD facebook page; assisting with website; writing newsletters; suggestions and volunteering for projects; and committee membership.   The ongoing support of more passive members is appreciated and makes a difference because the number of our members gives us a political voice and also helps our grant applications.

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President                       Mike Bowman
Vice President               Jenny Cameron
Treasurer                       Lyn Reid
Secretary                      Jenny Cameron

Committee members:    Mary Marshall

                                      Heather Boulden

                                       Pauline Cass

                                       Lucy Black

Public Officer              Jeremy Hemphill


Membership Application Form

Friends of Fogg Dam Inc. Constitution

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