Biological Research

Learn about biological research undertaken at Fogg Dam:  Team Buffo at Fogg Dam, Sydney University Tropical Ecology Research Centre
Cane Toads in Oz (Australia)

Education Resources

Children's book "Fogg Dam – How Scientists See Nature" by Ligia Pizzatto & Ruchira Somaweera, illustrations by Gisela Pizzatto, published by University of Sydney School of Biological Sciences.
Fogg Dam – How Scientists See Nature

Discovering Wetlands in Australia -   a curriculum resource for Primary School students in Years 3-6, also suitable for use in wetland education centres.

Discovering Wetlands in Australia

Links to groups who share common interests

NT Field Naturalist Club – for most itneresting talks once a month at Charles Darwin University followed a few days later with a field excursion
NT Field Naturalist Club

Top End Native Plant Society
 Top End Native Plant Society

Territory Wildlife Volunteers – to be involved in volunteer work at Terrritory Wildlife Park.
Territory Wildlife Park Community Involvement

Eremaea Birdlines – for interesting and unusual bird observations & to register for Eremaea eBird
Eremaea Birdlines

Birdlife Australia
Birdlife Australia

Territory Natural Resource Management
Territory Natural Resource Management

Indigenous Links

Pudakul Aboriginal Cultural Tours
Pudakul Aboriginal Cultural Tours

Friends of Fogg Dam Inc. additional links

Humpty Doo Rice Trail

Fogg Dam Friends Facebook

Fogg Dam Friends Google+

Fogg Dam Friends Flikr[email protected]

Humpty Doo Rice Trail

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